Toucan bird

Toucan bird by doug88888
Toucan bird a photo by doug88888 on Flickr.

Toucan bird - Taken in Brazil.

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There can't be any bird as photographic as the Toucan. The Toucan BEGS to be photographed. They are curious, photogenic and comical. The beaks are extremely striking. The colours - orange, yellow, blue around the eye and black and white body are heaven sent to the camera. All a toucan would need is a little green belly and you would have the whole rainbow of colours.

This particular Toucan took a great interest in my 250mm lens. I think he was a bit of a poser. So whilst his Toucan bird friends steered clear, he was constantly pushing into my lens.

It was the first encounter I've ever had with the Toucan, I pray that its not my last. They are the most awesome of birds.


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