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  1. Hi there,

    I visited your blog and was really interested in what you write and how good you are on the blog. Im making my own blog with wordpress and was wondering if you would like to be joint with me. I havent started building the blog but the website is called Techlr. Im not able to buy the .com but was able to get the .net . If the website because popular and earns good revenue, we could try and purchase the .com.

    I will also happily give you an account on the website so you can post, a personal email address and also your own page on the website.

    I hope to hear back from you,

    Craig Pirie

  2. Hi,i'm the author of and much thanks to find your comment of my blog.cheers

  3. thanks, antony and craig. i'm thinking of starting another group of blogger blogs, and the goal would be to stay in the 50K-below Alexa rank and stay there forever. i wish i can achieve that before Thanksgiving. :D


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